About Us
Serenity Pause was founded by Nima Janet Taylor in 2011 to teach meditation to anyone wanting to cultivate more peace and calm in their lives, without the need to change their religion or even with no religion. Serenity Pause offers classes, certifications and practice sessions in three different kinds of meditations: Concentration, Natural Awareness, and Positive Imagery (find out more about these techniques under the "Learn" tab.)
Nima MBA and former Buddhist nun spent 20 years as a corporate executive focusing for five years in corporate training. Her passion is studying how to help people change their behavior and create positive habits. Since college, she has studied and practiced meditation using a variety of methods. She is past president of the Dzogchen Foundation and was the founder of the Temple Buddhist Center. She spent three years as a Buddhist nun in the tradition of Lama Surya Das, an American Buddhist and Meditation teacher, and author of the New York Times Best Seller, Awakening the Buddha Within. 
Since 2011, Nima has trained over 50 people to lead meditation sessions, and herself led over 1000 meditation sessions using the Serenity Pause methodology. Currently, she lives in Africa where she and her daughter are working with their NGO, Inner Peace Society, to bring clean water, better education and jobs to impoverished villages.