Meditation and Mindfulness have become popular buzzwords these days, yet the massive amount of information can make us feel overwhelmed, and over the years I have heard many misconceptions about these practices. Here are some answers to some misconceptions you might have:

“I have to sit on the floor, in the lotus position.” Nope! For some of the meditations, you can sit in a chair or lie down in bed or on the floor. For other meditations, you can be driving your car or taking a walk (with eyes open of course!) 

“I have to stop thinking.” Nope, no need to stop thoughts. Instead, we learn to deal with them differently, like cloud floating by in the sky.

“I have to sit still a long time.” Nope, the amount of time is not important; just giving yourself permission to practice for a just a few moments can create a positive impact. 

“Meditating will interfere with my religious beliefs.” Nope, meditation can be done in a completely secular way; even the military does it.)

“I don’t have time.” To breathe?  Really?