Meditation doesn’t have to be difficult!  It can be as easy as hitting the Pause button in your life, whenever you need a moment to regroup and restart. Meditation can be done while sitting while standing while walking, even while lying down. Serenity Pause is a program to help you integrate meditation and mindfulness into everyday life. In fact, to get started here is a simple meditation you can do anytime you just have 5 minutes (The acronym is P.E.A.C.E. and this exercise was featured in Real Simple Magazine (

1. Prepare: Find a quiet area (or put on your headphones when you can), sit comfortably in a chair and give yourself permission to do nothing for 5 minutes. Set a timer for 5 minutes so no worries about timing.

2. Exhale: Take a few slow deep breaths, inhaling to a count of four and exhaling to a count of six. 

3.Allow:  Allow your breath to find its natural rhythm. Imagine relaxing into the simple awareness of breathing.

4. Concentrate: Focus on the sensation of breathing. If thoughts or feelings arise, offer yourself compassion and imagine all the thoughts to be like clouds in the sky that float by. Return again and again to awareness of breathing.

5. Ease: After a few minutes,let go of your focus as you allow yourself to simply sit in your natural state. Nothing to do or undo, nothing to fix or to change, just sitting in awareness and ease. When the timer goes off, stand up and imagine taking that sense of ease with you wherever you go.


Daily Dose Meditations With our free guided meditations, you can get your daily dose of inner peace.  


Books and Articles

Serenity Pause™ founder Janet Nima Taylor has published several articles and books regarding the benefits of meditation.

Need more help?

Need more help?

Studying and practicing meditation and mindfulness can be very challenging.


“This is The Book for anyone interested in finding more peace and joy in life. Janet Nima Taylor makes meditation easy to understand and easy to apply to everyday life. I highly recommend it.”

Lama Surya DasAmerican Meditation Teacher and Buddhist scholar, author of the New York Times best seller, Awakening the Buddha Within.

“It wasn’t until I started meditating with other people that I truly understood the value of community practice.”

Pete Potts

“I wasn’t looking for a community, I just needed a place to de-stress. I found a group of people who have supported and encouraged me in my meditation practice.”

Earle Kenyon

“Meditation seemed difficult to me before I tried Serenity Pause, now it seems so simple… it’s been very helpful to meditate with others!”

Matt Foster

“It has brought a sense of peace and of centering in my life that I couldn’t have found in any other way.”

Robin O’Connor