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Studying and practicing meditation and mindfulness can be very challenging. Sometimes you need more help to get started and/or to deepen your practice and understanding. For those needing some extra help, you can sign up for an individual one-on-one session that meets your personal needs, including how often and when. One-on-one sessions are conducted online, via Skype or Whatsapp with Janet Nima Taylor. She has a proven track record of helping professionals find more success and less stress at work, as well as helping families and friends work and live better together.

Cost per one-hour session is $50 USD (payable with credit or debit card or for bank transfer, email Janet at You can also purchase a block of five hours for $200 USD.

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Learn About Meditation

Meditation is about learning how to create a gap between stimulus and response. You can learn to hit the pause button and to rest in the present moment, without getting so entangled in the sensations, judgments, opinions, ideas, worries, stories, sounds, sights, fears or whatever else arises within us or around us. In fact, most of us have already had a few undefined meditative moments in our lives — we just didn’t think of it as meditation.

Common Misconceptions 

Three Easy Meditations

Three types of meditation practices

Practical integration ideas for everyday moments:

  • Phone calls: Each time the phone rings, take one deep, aware breath before you answer and one more after you hang up. Be aware of how the phone call impacts your thoughts, feelings and sensations.
  • Red lights or standing in line: Instead of letting irritation arise while you’re driving or waiting in line, imagine using that delay as an opportunity to be aware and breathe deeply, aware of internal sensations, emotions, and thoughts, as well as externally aware of the people and circumstances around you. To cultivate a positive state of mind, try wishing everyone around you more happiness in their life, simply by radiating out a sense of loving-kindness and compassion.
  • A wristband: Wearing something like a simple colored bracelet can be a visual reminder to take a few deep mindful breaths throughout the day.


Here is an easy 5-minute meditation that includes instructions.  Note that there will be periods of silence in the middle of the recording to allow you time to incorporate the instructions into a silent meditation.